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  1. IGN: NEWB_235 Skype: don't got one Age: 15 Why: I look so hard for small community servers with whitelist you have no idea. I hate griefers and anyone who makes the experience not enjoyable. I love being in the community and I really do like them. I want to be somewhere where I am acknowledged not like in a huge b-team server. I have great ideas for the server that accepts me. Experience: I know this mod very well. I am definitely not new to it but I am still excited about it I hope you get back to me soon! Looking forward to working with you on this server!
  2. Name: Cole IGN: NEWB_235 What I wish to achieve: I have been looking for a small community B-team server for so long you have no idea. All I want is players to enjoy the game with. I don't want griefing. I don't want to be on a huge server with no community. I want to build and enjoy. I am a great design specialist with minecraft. I know my way great around this mudpack and I want to do something with the flans mod+advanced genetics to make a super-soldier/research base. I will get sidetracked into other things and micro blocks has alto to offer for design specialists like me. I really do want to join ASAP so please get back to me! (I don't got no Skype)
  3. Age: 15 IGN: NEWB_235 Are you an experienced AOTBT player: yes I have gone on single player quite a bit so I know my way around the mod Why join?: I really do enjoy servers. Single player is no fun. I don't like griefing and I enjoy the community. I want to build the community here and just be a friendly guy. I am very skilled in design if there are projects. I just want to have a good time and build something amazing. Skype: no skype
  4. IGN: NEWB_235 Age: 15 TZ: PT Why I want to join: I really have been looking hard for a good AOTBT server with a small community. I just want to hag out with other players and build and help the community here. Its not a new mudpack for me but I want to keep my knowledge limited to it so I can enjoy it on a server. I have great ideas for this server and I really do want to join. I am a naturally good builder and I will not build block huts in the middle of a server with great possibilities.
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