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  1. IGN: f34i2prodigy Location: nevada Age: 17 Skype: f34i2prodigy Why you want to join: i want to get back into the attack of the bteam community. i played on a server for a little while before the owner decided to close it. How experienced are you at the mods: i played with all of the mods except for the witchery mod and advanced genetics. What mod are you best at: tinker's construct, minefactory reloaded, and thermal expansion.
  2. skype: f34i2prodigy age 17 my friend wants to join as well he is 16
  3. Minecraft name: f34i2prodigy Age (preferred 18+ as mature language is allowed on the server, as long as it is not insulting) Im 17. Leaving for college in the fall. Why you want to join: The server I play on is going downhill. The owner is not keeping up. I really enjoyed playing and being part of a community and doing things together. We had a lot of fun PVP events and building projects together. Your greatest Minecraft strengths: My strengths are my learning curve when it comes to mods, tinker's construct, PVP. Your Minecraft Weaknesses: I haven't messed with the Witchery mod. How often you will be on: Every other day for at least 2 hours.
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