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  1. We will be changing the map to season 2 in the next few days 4/28/2014
  2. People really need to use the comment sections..... Bump
  3. Server was down for 3 days, sorry. its back up now. I will be continueing to update this post.
  4. This is 1 crash.txt old, The 1st crash is the same except Littledemon is not online.
  5. __________________________________________________________________________ Hello and welcome. Before you join, Please sign up at http://hexical.enjin.com And if you ask nicely, Zunkey might give you an item for signing up! Hello. We are a 3 month old server, with a pretty good player data base! ( Depends on your timezone, At the time of posting this everyones in school) We run 8.0gb ram and we are hoping to upgrade that, we have the supplies to do so, its just when we are going to do so, We run Minecraft 1.6.4 ATTACK OF THE BTEAM 1.0.9c! And we are hoping you will sign up on the site and joi
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