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  1. IGN: RiCe_PoT AGE: 29 Location: Sydney Australia Internet Speed: 22ms, Download: 12.48Mbps, Upload: 0.63Mbps Do you have TS?: Yes I'm on the Derailed Gamers TS now Why are you interested in this server?: No lag issue even if i'm in Australia and because the community is awesome to play with and the possibilities are endless and unpredictably fun Do you work well as a team?: I prefer working as a team yeah. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses to contribute and make the team stronger Come join us!
  2. IGN: RiCe_PoT Age: 29 Internet speed: 512kbps DSL, Speedtest.net results= 13.88Mbps Download Speed, 0.61Mbps Upload Speed, 32ms Ping Do you have teamspeak?: Yeah I do, and on the Derailed Gamers TS all the time Come hang out with us at teamspeak.derailedgamers.net Why are you interested in this server? The members are awesome to play with plus trustworthy and hilarious to be around. Minecraft is awesome as a team building game. Amazing modpack. Do you work well in teams?: Yeah I like being the simple gatherer, miner and farmer. Not the best leader.. but I don't mind following good orders and I like following rules. Derailed Gamer's server is awesome and I look forward to meeting more members . <3 RiCey
  3. Ign - RiCe_PoT Age - 28 Where are you from? - Australia, Sydney What do you like to build? - Large Manor, fortress and fantasy builds What do you like to do mostly? - Collecting flora and fauna, farming, mining, food plus, witchery, building. Why do you want to play on this server? - Different community to my old one, so why not Do you have TeamSpeak? - I'm on your ts now, so yes I do have TS.