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  1. On another note. I was testing out a reactor cell build in creative singleplayer. After messing around for a bit I discovered that the thermometer wasn't working. The reactor cell was going up to the maximum limit before it blew up, bypassing the temperature I set on the thermometer without activating the redstone signal. So that's one thing. Another strange thing was, i tested it out again except I stacked a couple of reactor cells on each other. As usual the thermometer wasn't working. But what's more, the reactor cell was stopping about 1 degrees just before the limit. So it was stopping ar
  2. Can someone link me a wiki page about the energy transfer pipes from extra utilities? My google isn't working....
  3. Wait so is that the extra utilities pipe or the conduits? Kinda confused.
  4. Well okay. So just to make sure there's nothing out there that's better than redstone energy conduits?
  5. I know. I said the laser drill is working.
  6. Yeah I made a hazmat suit. Which sucks cause the radiation shielding was way easier to make.
  7. Welp, the precharger is connected to a laser drill but the energy is literally staying still. It's hanging around 3k RF I think and it's not moving. But the laser drill is confirm working.
  8. Really? But I have a laser drill precharger hooked up to two resonant cells and there's literally 0 drain from the cells.
  9. Is there any better way of transporting energy besides redstone conduits? I have a couple of resonant energy cells that I'd like transferring out more than 1000 rf/t
  10. Hmm, well the problem here would be the code I think? Is the radiation shielding scripted to stop radiation from affecting you or is radiation scripted to not affect you when you have the radiation shielding. See what I mean?
  11. BTW, diamonds would appear to have an ore value of 16 and uranium 14
  12. Is there a list of ore values for the power fist ore scanner? I noticed that the ore values don't match up with EMC values. It would suck if I walked past diamonds because I didn't know what ore value they are
  13. Pain in the ass right? Now I can't set up a fission reactor to power my resonant energy cells
  14. Exactly as the title says. So I thought I would prepare for my delve into the Atomic Science world. I built all the basic plating needed for radiation shielding and installed them onto my power suit. As soon as I picked up a fissile fuel rod/enriched uranium I started taking damage from radiation. Is this a bug or something? I have already triple checked that I have radiation shielding on every piece of armor. By the way it's an SMP world
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