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  1. Age: 14 skype: wilhelmlul ign: wilhelmlul rules: Yes i will follow all the rules. timezone: norwegian time 1+ hour. I have been playing attack of the b team since it first came out . and now most about all the mods. im a friendly player that seeks after a whitelist comunety of nice players. i onece had my own server so i know how bad griefing and stealing are , if you need any help with keeping the server grief free , i would like to help you ! would like a answer when you have read it . thanks for your time!
  2. some basic infomation Age: 14 How long iv been playing attack of the b team: sinse it started ! Hobbies: Karate drawing and swimming Favourite colour (Because why not) : crystal blue Why i whant to play on this server: The server sounds great and i think a small comunety would be perfect . i see you havent answerd evry request but i hope im one og the lottomilionares =) in game name: wilhelmlul skype: wilhelmlul (if needed) things ill do on the server : ill be exploring the wichery mod for the first time ill build epic structures withe the carpenter blocks and the micro blocks, ill
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