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  1. Changelog #15 (6/12/14) - Fixed a problem with announcements. - Fixed a problem with Brontosaurus and T-rex Morphs. - Fixed a bug with certain recipes.
  2. Changelog #14 (5/28/14) - Fixed a glitch involing guns. - A Member command book has been made listing commands members can use. - This Saturday June 7th is our first Purge event. - Purge FAQ book has been made. - You can now enter the tropicraft realm through spawn! (: - Fixed a problem with guns.
  3. Changelog #13 (5/27/2014) - Completed fixing/checking Itemprice files. - Problem with Killermoney has been fixed. - Prices in the shop were changed to fit community/staff reccomendations. - Nether Portals now work as intended. - New rule implemented: Town Donation
  4. Sorry for the long wait time, nothing has been really changed considering all of us are busy with school. Changelog #12 (5/21/2014) - Enjin just randomly fixed itself, we didn't even do anything. Yolo - Items have signs assigned to them, displaying the name, price, amount, and ID. - Fixed an issue with the TeleportSuite pluggin.
  5. Changelog #11 (5/4/2014) - Attempted to fix promised land, return portal still broken - re-added client-side mod Morpheus for sleep-voting - Tried to fix Enjin plugin, apparently it just decided to die. Absolutly no idea what is wrong with it. - Fixed a terrible infinite energy bug. No specifics will be given. - Found a duplication bug, trying to find a workaround
  6. Hello Co-Founder OMFGPIE here, just wanted to say that DoomGiver32, the founder of CrackedCube, has now given me the task of posting our change logs here. Remember always come here to see what is changing with the server over the course of the week. Changelog #9 (4/24/2014) - Banned Portable EnderPorter: Can bypass towny protection to gain access to towns. - Spent 5 hours total updating the server to latest recomended version. THANK THE NOTCH (1.0.10b - Latest) - Added steam turbine => Steam dynamo recipe, as turbines are useless now. - Fixed morph abilities! Morph's had to be reset sadly, but yay!
  7. Hello I am one of the Co-Founders (OMFGPIE) at CrackedCube and because Doom was on vacation it had been awhile since anything noteworthy was done, hence the wait between updates. Changelog #4 (2/15-28/2014) - Doom went on vacation! Go go gadget "put Callister in charge"! - Made staff applications live finally - Fixed a massive bug in the permissions that gave a player admin-rights. Also banished that player for abuse of the bug. - Fixed prism, it wasn't able to complete rollbacks before, now it is! - Split the Founders up into Founders and Co-Founders to differentiate who actually pays for the server