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  1. I have created my first modpack, however it is untested. Upon starting up the technic launcher and selecting my modpack, it failed to download with the error "error downloading the following pack: [pack name here] failed to download: [link to download from mediafire here] please consult the modpack author. being that I am the modpack author, and idk what I could have done wrong, my assumption is that the technic launcher is incompatible with mediafire (correct me if i am wrong). If that is the case, what (trustworthy) sites IS the technic launcher compatible with? I know dropbox is one, and it is one I tried using before mediafire, however it seems that I can't host a public file without premium for dropbox.
  2. This worked perfectly, thanks for the help! (despite the fact that i gave up on it and found the result elsewhere just before checking the thread again to find it was the same one...). This site has no rating
  3. I actually just came back after having given up for 3 months (yay short term attention span...) to post that very thing here. in my case the variable is limiting java itself however, NOT minecraft: Variable: _JAVA_OPTIONS Value: -Xmx512M it seems this is limiting java to using 512mb REGARDLESS of what it is set to in the launcher. This poses a new problem for me, however, in that this variable can't be deleted. the "new" "edit" and "delete" buttons are all grayed out. Is there any other way to do this? Edit: nevermind. When i opened environment settings by using the windows 8 search, that happened. However when I opened it through control panel the "proper" way instead, it allowed me to delete it. More on if it ACTUALLY worked soon...
  4. With regards to the RAM, I didn't just motor it straight up to 5GB, that is simply the point at which I stopped. I tried incrementally increasing it from .5GB up to 5GB, with no noticeable effect either detrimental OR beneficial to the issues I have been having. With regards to pastebin, I remembered it, just not the name of the website, since I haven't had an issue such as this in a long time, aside from that while typing this I just got a 413 error for it being too large. With regards to the console, I have not tried this, and will edit it in after a few minutes to do so: At first glance this does appear to be a memory problem, however as stated above and in the OP, I have already tried allocating more RAM. There are also a number of warnings before reaching the title screen (at the mojang splash screen), the entire pre-world loading console log is here:
  5. Whenever I try to generate a new, or load an old singleplayer world, it gets stuck at "Building Terrain", I have left it run for a half hour, and it never manages to load the world. When I try to connect to a multiplayer server, it connects fine, however it has TREMENDOUS lag. It also tends to crash randomly with no error, straight to the desktop. Things I have tried: -minimizing all in-game options (render distance, smooth lighting, etc.) -allocating more RAM (incrementally, 5GB was the stopping point) -reinstalling tekkit with a clean launcher and .technic folders -reinstalling java -relocating and arranging tekkit files to be launched with the vanilla MC launcher (results in "a java exception has occurred" error when I attempt to launch). Error log: I do have a legitimate copy of minecraft (two actually). This does not occur with tekkit classic, voltz, hexxit, hack/mine, or vanilla minecraft. It DOES however also occur with the yogscast Moonquest pack.
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