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  1. When i try to chop down a tree with any sort of axe, the spawn moves as soon as i start to hit the tree. Then i wont let me break the block as it's in spawn. Can this be fixed or do i have to punch trees for the whole time?
  2. Right...i have done all the correct steps to start up a server, through "nearby gamer's video", but since his video the client has been updated to .5. I've have since compensated with the new updated server files and still the game says the server is out of date. What do i do to fix this please?
  3. hi, im having a constant problem playing Tekkit servers and i don't know how to fix it. I play the game fine on a server for like 5 mins then it crashes showing this message: Internal exceptiopn:Java.net.socketException:software caused connection abort: recv failed. That's the message. What software is the message talking about? Thanks for reading.