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  1. Ok now the hunger-Problem is solved... But I have a new one: every time when I Play offline, the sounds doesnt work... Playing without Sound isnt so funny as with... And thanks for your replies Mgf Semthepro
  2. In my game (I started yesterday) I eat in the mean time coconut-peaces and pineappel-pieces... Could that be the "wrong" Food? And no.. I am not Swimming in sludge-pits Only in water at the last time... Thanks all for your replies.. I will try it with stakes, hopefully that helps for some time. Mgf Semthepro
  3. First hello! My problem: I lose every ten sec one foodicon in my foodbar... Could it be that I need so much to eat? I dont have Spezial-items in my inventory or a buff who makes me hungry... Could it be a bug?? Mgf Semthepro
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