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  1. Hi i am the owner of CrazyVoltage For VOLTZ is a anarchy server with no banned items we are 24/7 so you dont have to worry about down time. IP CrazyVoltage.mcpro.co
  2. When i use worldguard on my voltz server and i try to protect land it doesnt work it says it made the region but it doesnt protect it
  3. What plugin should i use to protect my spawn on my voltz server
  4. On the server if you can ill add you now
  5. QuantumUniverse.mcpro.co:26078 We are down for maitience so ill add you to whitelist Whats your ign
  6. Future spawn tekkit classic world edit group manager essentials etc
  7. Hi i need someone to make a amazing spawn on my tekkit Classic server Quantumuniverse Reply if you want to do it
  8. QuantumUniverse is a tekkit classic server where raiding and griefing is allowed we are a 24/7 server so you dont have to worry about downtime Our server ip is
  9. Quantum Universe is a Anarchy server this means raiding griefing and stealing is allowed We are a dedicated 24/7 server so you wont have to worry about downtime.
  10. Tekkitcrafting is a multi world anarchy server anarchy means raiding and griefing is allowed and there is no land protection outside of what tekkit provides The ip is lemonade
  11. Im having a similar problem but not the same on my server he spawn is protected but players can destory non tekkikt items like diamond glowstone and signs
  12. I know this thread does not belong he but i have a problem with the plugin citizens/npc plugin when i try to use commands nothing happends no error reports just blank im using the latest version of bukkit and the plugin please help
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