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  1. basically, the little window for mine craft had turned white, not the whole screen. And where are the tracker pages and java logs.
  2. I got Maverick, this time it's just a white screen. I can make it cover most of the screen, but not exactly full screen.
  3. Thanks, everything is updated in my Mac's settings and when I made it fullscreen it just got bigger and was still upside-down.
  4. It's been a longtime since I have played Technic, and when I tried to open Voltz it was upside-down. A few others have done that too. The screen has flipped, but the button locations have stayed the same. If I over where the single-player button is, it will glow on the reversed side. I have a MacbookPro and it says it is launcher build 431, some other mods have just not started. Thank you for the help.
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