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  1. Welcome to the server! I'm glad that you found this server and enjoyed your stay. All players are nice and helpful. Send me a message when you see me on the server so I can check out your base! I like looking at everyone's wonderful creations. You can always post new topics and pictures of your creations on the server website here. See you around!
  2. I will be uploading a copy of the world only when there is a rest. Hang tight and I'll always keep you guys & gals updated regarding that info The server fills up quick on the weekends. Of course I rent a rack in a datacenter and I will be moving/upgrading in December. Dont forget to join the server forum here. That will be the place to get the latest info regarding the server and you can start new topics and also post your wonderful builds/creations!
  3. I'll be on this evening. Did you lose the frames or where they stolen? If so mail me the cords of your place with an empty chest. You can craft the item as well. Thank you! P.S. - You can always edit a post instead of posting multiple times :)
  4. The server is still on BTeam version 1.0.12a If that's what you're asking I will always keep the server on the "Recommended" builds and update once a build is selected as recommended. Are you having a problem connecting to the server?
  5. That's awesome Patikicu! She should be fine, the majority of players are very nice and helpful. Let me know if she runs into any problems. Thanks kimchiNchicken Cflow7, sure! Just remind me when I'm on the server. Thanks kimchiNchicken
  6. The server is 24/7 DerpMage, let me know if you still have trouble getting on, even though you never told me anything about what problems you are having or your IGN. Sorry about that, it's back up now Sorry about that, it's back up now
  7. Sorry I couldn't get to this earlier! DerpMage what is your IGN? I don't see DerpMage in the player files. If you could tell me a little more than "I can't connect" that would be very helpful. Are you crashing, being disconnected, something different? If you're crashing when trying to join the server: Did you place something in you armor slot or inventory before crashing? Did you crash in a certain area of the server? I can edit your inventory if needed and move you player to a different location in the server, but will need your IGN to do this. Also I recommend backing up
  8. IRK?!? I'm going crazy and might be bald soon Hopefully they/it get resolved soon, lets just say I cant wait this the months I paid for are over and I get a nice mew shiny rack in a maybe not so new datacenter kimchiNchicken
  9. Ok you can EDIT a post if you need to add something you forgot I deleted your airship, now before you try to join. Please reset your modpack or just delete it completely and re-download it and try to join again. Thank you kimchiNchicken
  10. Ewan, was your airship sitting on top of floating cobblestone? Like a 10x10 cobblestone layer? I deleted what I found and reset your join location, please to not do /home. Your home is close to where I set your login coords so, just walk to your home. I will be on most of today and if I see you login I will tp you to where I am at. Thank you kimchiNchicken
  11. Sure give me about 10 mins. Thank you kimchiNchicken EDIT: Hello ewan92104, I went to the coord of the home you have set and flew around a pretty large area. But was unable to find an airship. I also checked the location that you logged out from, without any luck. BUT! I did change your logout location, so you will spawn at the server SPAWN. If you still cant join please re-post here P.S.- I have had this problem with the airship as well, and some players have not had this problem. Thank you kimchiNchicken
  12. Oh ok, well I moved the sonic glasses out of the helmet slot and into your inventory. Just to be safe, can you reset you BTeam ModPack? 1. At the launcher click the cog wheel right below the Bteam Logo. 2. In the "Bteam Options" window, nake sure "Use Recommended builds" is selected 3. Select "Reset Pack" 4. Save 5. Click PLAY After that it will just take a little bit longer than usual to load and you should be able to join. If not post back here. Thank you
  13. I was moving the files to another host. Thanks for understanding If your unable to connect post it here, sometimes it can be something else causing it.
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