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  1. It does, does its presence mess things up even if nobody is actually on the multi-worlds?
  2. Title: EE2 tablet not working in SMP Version: 3.1.1 OS: win 7 x64 SP 1 (probably doesn't matter) Java Version: 1.7.0-ea. runtime 1.7.0-ea-b144 (also probably doesn't matter) Description of Problem: On a particular server, the transmutation tablet doesn't work for half the people playing. When items are placed in the left circle, like a klein star or items, the tablet's EMC doesn't update. If items are burned and the tablet is closed and re opened, you can see the items you could make with the EMC you had burned, but you can only pull one out because the spot that it was in will not re-fill with another item, and the EMC value doesn't drop. It's basically like the interface doesn't update when you do anything to it. Error Messages: none Error Log:
  3. IGN: Bacu reason: I don't want to be kicked because a member wants to join the server why: I know what I'm doing. I'm on the broville team and I do all the wiring for the maps.