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  1. IGN:Green_Stomper First Name:Isaiah Skype: Green_Stomper Age: 14 What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Building and Exploring my Favorite Mod Does (Chisel) Most importantly write a paragraph: I Would like yo be on a server where i dont have to worry about leaving my things unprotected when i leave. My biggest issue is not with the server my computer is really old and i really just want to play.
  2. IRL Name: Isaiah In-Game Name:Green_Stomper Skype:Dont have one Age: 14 How Active Will You Be?As Active as i can because my computer not that good Why Have You Chosen To Join This Server?:Need a server to join and need to see what others are doing on the Bteam How Experience Are You With The Modpack: 3 What Are You Wanting To Do On The Server?: As much as possible i mean i have never been to mars or been to the tropics or gotten cobalt
  3. This Server is an Attack of the B-Team Feel Free To Join the Server Will sometimes Be down But dont worry about losing your progress on the server forever. Will always Be updated To the latest.... Server owner: Green_Stomper If the Server Is ever Down Reply To this Topic Or PM me The Server is hosted At home So Expect Lag but hopefully not Too much Ip: GreensGaming.no-ip.org
  4. IGN:Green_Stomper Age:14 Why Would You Like To Join:Need A Server To Play on How Much Experience Have You Got In AOTBT:None i want to learn from others What Mod Are You Best At:i think i know about the dragon, thermal, chisel, tinkers construct Skype:(If You Have It)
  5. Something about me I play minecraft all day but trying to get creative with making mods and Well I have failed at the so I play tekkit but haven't played it since tekkit classic or since last year Why I want to join Because the server looks nice and I want to play on a tekkit server
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