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  1. Modpack Link http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/minecraft-with-bros IP: Server uptime: We are running on a hosted server thats on 24/7 This server is open to anyone male or female. we dont discriminate against gender. =0 Hello fellow Minecrafters! `My name is idarper and i am looking for 2-3 new players to join My brothers and i on our server! My Brothers and I ( 3 of us total) Recently put together an amazing Modded SMP server based on the new Attack of the B-Team modpack. We started this server with growth in mind. In addition to the base mods that are in the origional pack, we have added back a few of our favorites. we've recently added: IC2 Forestry Thaumcraft 4 Railcraft Tinkers Steelworks Buildcraft Steves carts 3 Soulshards Portal Gun Metallurgy (adds cool new metals for use in tConstruct tools) Modular Power Suits And many others. Server rules: 1. Play fair and have fun! 2. Griefing is fotbidden! anyone caught griefing or taking items from other players will be forever banned, no second chances. Minecraft is a game of exploration and getting items ourselves, why steal something you can easilly get yourself. 3. Extreme language, racial references or anything against a certain Gender or orientation will not be tollerated. This is a family friendly server, so lets help keep it that way. 4. No Begging for Op or admi rights. These positions are earned, not just given out like candy. =) This server is here for us to have fun, and make new friends. We also have a Mumble server, and the above rules also apply there as well. How to apply to the Whitelist: Submit a reply to this thread, answering the following questions. 1. How long have you been playing Minecraft? 2. What is your age? 3.Have you ever been banned from any server? If yes, why? 4. What skills can you bring to the server? Are you good at any mods? 5.Tell us a little about yourself. Anything cool you do for fun, hobbies, and any other things you have of interest to tell us. This is where you have some fun. =) Thank you for considering us as your choice for fun and adventure. we hope to hear from you fellow community members soon.
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