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  1. How do you get sewage though? I have a small pond of it near my house, but that not going to go very far (1 dynamo burnt through 2 bucketfulls in a few seconds).
  2. I'm in this exact same predicament too. I have 2 magmatic dynamos, running off a Magma Crucible which is getting cobble from an Igneous Extruder. It's incredibly slow going, and I doubt if I needed a lot of power the magma crucible could keep up with more dynamos.
  3. Hi. I've noticed that with Flans Mod, the gun controls are a little... wonky. LMB is aim down sight, and RMB is fire. Is there a way to change this? I checked the control section and although there are lots of controls for Flans mod, none pertain to the guns.
  4. It looks like GenerikB experienced something similar in his livestream. He cleared out a castle and moved all his stuff in there, and then went to the Nether, where he died (I think). When he came back a battle tower had spawned right in the middle of his castle, taking all of his stuff with it. Video is here
  5. Thanks David, glad to see some troubleshooting happening. I deleted my old SSP world, because I wondered if it had something to do with being called the default name, and the files being confused with an older version of a SSP world. Would you say it was safe to play as long as you don't place your twilight portal in the same 16x16 chunk? I mean, it might still reset the chunk, but at least it won't wipe your entire base off the map!
  6. I wonder if I installed a chunk loader mod like ChickenChunks, it would keep my house chunk loaded and stop the random terrain respawn.
  7. Hi, I just came across a very... odd problem in my SSP world. I had built a big house, filled it with loads of good stuff, and decided to go to the Twilight Forest to get some slime balls. I ran around in the Twilight for a while, got some stuff, and decided to head back home. I jumped in the portal, and came out, only to see a battle tower nearby. At first I thought I had been teleported to the wrong place, but that wasn't right, I could see my Nether portal nearby. Then I realised: The chunk had somehow been replaced! Worst of all, it was the chunk my house was on. My house, and everything in it, is gone, and in it's place is a battle tower The only evidence that my house was even there is a bit of fencing which used to be the pen for my Chocobos, and some of the grass from the terraforming I did before building my house.
  8. I wonder if it would be possible to downgrade EnchantingPlus to the earlier version for SSP, or do you think they are too enmeshed into the game?
  9. Oh, my apologies, I must have missed that line when scanning the changelog. It's a bit of a bugger really, because I discovered that exploit on my own, but chose not to take advantage of it. Is there a way to re-enable disenchanting for SSP? Edit: Nevermind, I found out how to do it, have to edit the line "B:AllowDisenchanting=false" to "B:AllowDisenchanting=true" in the eplus.cfg config file. Edit 2: Hmmm, didn't work.
  10. Hi. I downloaded the latest version of Hexxit (1.0.4) and started a new SSP world. I made an enchanting table and got a load of bookshelves, and tried to unenchant (disenchant?) some weapons I had found whilst adventuring, but it doesn't seem to work. The weapons and armour I found are at full durability (I know this used to be an issue in the earlier version), but when I try and drag the slider to the left, it just jumps back to where it was. Is it a bug, or is it intended to be unable to disenchant items?
  11. Ok, this is what I have done: #IfWinActive Tekkit RButton::UP ~Tab::Suspend LControl::Suspend This script allows Tab (which is my inventory button) to stop the RMB script. So basically, every time I go into my inventory it suspends the script and allows me to use RMB for crafting. I also added Left CTRL as an addition suspend button, for when I open chests (which doesn't use Tab, so the script would still be running). I suppose you could bind it to your Use key, so when you 'Use' the chest it suspends to script, but it would be difficult getting through doors (Pressing the Use key to open the door would suspend the script so you couldn't walk forwards through the door!) So I suppose it's fixed, or at least worked around. I'll leave this here in case anyone else stumbles upon this thread: #IfWinActive Tekkit RButton::UP ~INVENTORY BUTTON::Suspend (Don't forget the ~, that let's the game still use the button for inventory!) ADDITIONAL UNUSED BUTTON::Suspend
  12. Yes, I tried Autohotkey (set it to Rbutton::UP), and it works for movement, but it also means that RMB won't work in the inventory, so I can't craft anything because I can't drop single items, only stacks!
  13. Ok, well, I don't know what is causing it now - with InvTweaks loaded and RMB bound to forwards, the game locks up before the main menu (just after the Mojang logo). With InvTweaks disabled I can get to the main menu, but when I try and join a server it says "Logging in" then freezes. If I bind forward back to W then log into a server it works, until I try and rebind back to RMB. If I do the same in Technic (start a new world, THEN change forwards to RMB), it seems to stick, until I come out of the menu, then it says "Saving Chunks" and crashes. By the way this is happening in Technic, Tekkit and Yogbox. I just tried deleting the Tekkit directory (for the umpteenth time) but the problem comes back as soon as I bind a mouse button to forwards. I can bind any mouse button to any other control, but as soon as I try to bind one to forwards the game freezes. Here's my latest log: http://pastebin.com/2fGPxw0p Edit: I haven't installed any mods other than a couple via Vanilla minecraft (in the .minecraft directory). Technic/Tekkit/Yogbox is exactly how it was downloaded by the launcher.
  14. Oh yes sorry. The log is here: http://pastebin.com/VdNLR85H
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