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  1. - I'm 15 - I go off of Easter time in the US - I know almost everything about Minecraft but not too much about voltz. -The reason I wanted to join a voltz server was mainly because of the different PVP environments offered. Teaming with a group of people to do well, eliminating enemies, and signing treaties sounds like an appealing way to play Minecraft. -I usually always team with people when I join a Minecraft server. -Yes I totally agree. Random PVP is no fun but when their is a point in it I think it makes the experience way better.
  2. good part about server is stability. Their is no risk of it closing because no donations, the owner can sustain it himself
  3. Hey dog here and the server is really fun to play on. Everyone here is welcoming and helpful. Its very easy to get started out, asking to join any town will get you set with a bunch of friendly people who can help you.
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