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  1. Hello, I have my house in a redwood forest and I want to have a redwood tree in a specific place, after looking on the wiki I discovered that you need to plant saplings in a 5*5 diamond shape, but it doesn't seem to grow I mean like I've afk in my test world for 30mins or plus and didn't grew, is it a bug or am I just not doing it the right way ?
  2. Oh okay I see why now, thanks a lot Loader ! It makes sens that it gots more space to check so it needs more times. I was worried because when I was hovering over the harvester for a split second I got <ERROR> just under the name of the harvester
  3. Hello, I want to make a tree farm with a harvester and a planter, but It seems to have a problem when you install an uprgade, it works fine until I put the uprade in it dosn't want to work anymore, it gots power, fluiduct and itemduct so I don't get why it's not working ...
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