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  1. IGN (In Game Name) : chicken1390 I'd really appreciate it if I could become a member! Thanks! -Chicken
  2. Your IGN (In Game Name) : chicken1390 Age : [N/A] Where do I live : Mars, just kidding The Earth Why do I want to play on this server? : I want to play on this server because it seems very well made, and I think I'd like a server like that! What do I want to build? : Well... I'm thinking about either a nice cottage on a mountain, or a lakeside home, but underneath either of them I'd have a lab with a rocket launching pad... So basically an underground lab with a house on top Is there anything I would add... : Well, I really haven't been on, so i don't know, but as far as i know from visiting the website and the forums, I don't think I'd add too much!
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