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  1. I've been playing AotBT for a few weeks now. It's always worked fine. The last thing I did before I shut down was going to the Promised Lands. Later, when I tried to start it back up, it just closes. No crash report. It stays at the Mojang screen for ten seconds, and just closes. Any help? (2G Ram is allocated to Technic.)
  2. here:
  3. i just created my own modpack (private). I followed a tutorial, so the mods are in the right folders and everything. I uploaded the modpack to the Technic launcher. When I hit play, I got this message: Error downloading file for the following pack: FGCraft Failed to download (dropbox modpack link here) Please consult the modpack author. I tried disabling my Anti-Virus, but it still didn't work. Any solutions? Extra info: Windows 8, Java x64 Mod list: BuildCraft Tinker's Construct Not Enough Items / Inventory Tweaks Modular Powersuits OreSpawn Applied Energistics Treecapitator Backpacks ExtraBiomesXL Twilight Forest EDIT: I'm new to Dropbox, so I'm not sure if the download is public, and I don't know how to make it public.
  5. No luck. When I created it, the game froze. When I loaded it up again and tried to play it, game crashed.
  6. I moved my Hexxit save onto my desktop (I moved the one in saves, as well as NEI/local) because I needed to re-download Hexxit. After I was done re-downloading, I moved my save folders to the correct places. But the save isn't appearing on the World List. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. I recently started a new Hexxit world, And I've been playing around with the items and such. I switched to Creative, but now having trouble going back into Survival. I don't see any button that switches me back to Survival. /gamemode 0 doesn't seem to work. When I go through Nether Portal, or Exit and come back in, I'm back in Creative Mode. How do I properly switch back?