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  1. That was it! Thank you so much for your help. These little problems are maddening, but having someone work with me to sort them out is really satisfying. The game didn't get the better of me!
  2. When searching through the button options, I cannot find any listing for the hats mod, nor can I find anything assigned to the "H" button, as I searched for both, assuming the problem stemmed from one of those issues. There is no Hats Mod listing under "Options" and in the Minecraft options list nothing for hats and no assignment for "H". In the "All" selection under "Options" there, again, is no Hats listing and nothing assigned to "H". The left click button still SAYS it is set correctly and nothing was corrected when I changed it and then reset it to Left Click. How would I reset the pack? That seems like my best hope at the moment.
  3. In AoBT, the hats mod has overwritten the left click button, so every time I try to strike or mine or left click anything, the hat screen opens, which means I can't defend myself or mine. I've searched through all the button options to change the setting back without luck. In searching for other instances of this issue, found one other person online who discussed the same problem with the hats mod, but one loaded independently, not part of a mod pack. That person had to delete the mod to resolve the problem, which I can't do because it's built into AoBT. Is there any solution aside from uninstalling the entire thing and starting over? I'm playing on a Mac, if that has any bearing on this issue.
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