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  1. industrial craft buildcraft. I believe the mod pack lacks tech.
  2. It's been down for a while...? When will it be up again? I want to play!
  3. Real name and skype: real name is Yani (I'm arabian, but i was born in america, so my english and pronounciation wont be that good.) skype is yani.shehzad age is 14 time zone is EST IGN is RED0CTANE. I try to be as mature as possible, but my age might make you think otherwise. I am not really immature especially with people i dont know so well..
  4. Hi, I was looking for a server to start a community. IGN:RED0CTANE AGE: 14 Knowledge on modpack: around 6. I am new the the mod pack, but not to the mods. I have a knack for tinker's construct and Thermal expansion. I also have knowledge on many other mod's but dont let it fool you, i know decent Game Mechanics. I want to join because i want to play with some friends and to enjoy and have a small community, i also enjoy playing and interacting with people. Hopefully you will accept my app because i am very Humble, Loyal, and mature. I also tend to help people on servers. I can make you the most amazing weapons and tools with tinker's construct, and help you use Advanced Genetics(By helping you centerfuge, and apply genes to yourself) Please accept my applications, and have a wonderful journey in your small community. Farewell, -Red0 P.S my english is not that good because i am not completely American.
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