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  1. industrial craft buildcraft. I believe the mod pack lacks tech.
  2. It's been down for a while...? When will it be up again? I want to play!
  3. Real name and skype: real name is Yani (I'm arabian, but i was born in america, so my english and pronounciation wont be that good.) skype is yani.shehzad age is 14 time zone is EST IGN is RED0CTANE. I try to be as mature as possible, but my age might make you think otherwise. I am not really immature especially with people i dont know so well..
  4. Hi, I was looking for a server to start a community. IGN:RED0CTANE AGE: 14 Knowledge on modpack: around 6. I am new the the mod pack, but not to the mods. I have a knack for tinker's construct and Thermal expansion. I also have knowledge on many other mod's but dont let it fool you, i know decent Game Mechanics. I want to join because i want to play with some friends and to enjoy and have a small community, i also enjoy playing and interacting with people. Hopefully you will accept my app because i am very Humble, Loyal, and mature. I also tend to help people on servers. I can make you th
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