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  1. Application Form sbot0x33 hello everyone, my name is Pablo, i am 20 years old and currently living in germany. I am starting to study architecure in real life soon and like to build meself always differing but mostly exceptional and sometimes weird housings, but i try to keep that for the interior and layouts of the buildings, restraining the urge for the sake of everyone in close proximity, and onlookers. But in the end i honestly cant say what i plan on building yet, since it always depends on the enviroment and the location, i am usually building together with a friend of mine, who is also applying here, and he is the one whos really deciding what to build next for the most part. i would like to join the server since its in my opinion the most joinworthy of the lot of game servers, with tekkit, i found after some research, ive read up almost everything i was able to find about the server and still firmly believe that i want to join this server thanks and greetings
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