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  1. i have skype now, i think my skype name is RAXEL but my mail on it is [email protected], how do i know if im accepted on the server? will u guys send me a message on this forum or will contact me via mail or skype? plz id like to know that, i already posted the rest of my info btw, there was just my skype missing, waiting for an answer
  2. real name: Daniel IGN: xRAXELx age:21 gmt:-6 sype: i think i dont have one yet but if i can join the server and u want me to make one i will create it only for that reason why want to join:honestly this will be my second server that im going to test, i already played a massive pixelmon server and its cool, but i like the idea of playing a little one where evereyone knows everyone,where people wont make unfinished building or things like that, and full of trusty people that u know they wont steal u things so u dont need to hide them and because i really want to play an attack of the bt server, i hope u accept me, if not, plz let me know because if not ill be waiting a lot, trust me, a lot for ur answer. oh ya ps, my mail: [email protected] Waiting for a quick answer friend.
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