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  1. myea it has so many uses + the ender thermi pump will be lovely ^^ lava power ^^ ghehe now im just really thinking on what kinda of power source is gonna be a steady power suply and make more power rather then losing it but then again the pack is more made for using a lil of the power sources then full out like other packs ...sooo who knows gonna nag my friend to add it to his server xD ghehe more power to the idea
  2. Real name: Jeff Skype username: got one but not saying it here pm if needid Age: 25 Timezone: GMT+1 IGN: exceed55 Country: Holland ( dint see it but just added it in ) so myea i was looking for a small lil server with not that many people on it. so you at least know your stuff is safe and or still got room to build at some nice spots ghehe i my self am a real builder/survivaler... er is that a word xD ah wel and im just a tech junky XD tho its a nice change to play attack of the b team ^^ some how i liked it tho its less tech so erm myea thats about it ... soo eehh... oh yea is the server still alive ? or did people get bored ?
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