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  1. Neither of those (2nd post) worked. I used an impulse item duct and got the same result. Dirt and sand shooting out of the top of the quarry. Using an adjacent test on the sorting room end does seem to be working now. I just hooked up the same power that I was pumping into the tesseract into the wooden transport pipe to get it out of the chest to the sorting room. Thanks a bunch! RESOLVED
  2. So I am hooking up a quarry to a tesseract from Thermal Expansion three, and I have the other end of the tesseract channel hooked up to a Big Reactors 5x5 reactor and my storage system in a pocket Dimension from Dimensional Doors. The quarry tesseract is powering the quarry just fine, but it is not accepting/sending the material produced by the quarry through buildcraft transport pipes. It just gets ejected at the junction of the pipes and the tesseract. The quarry side tesseract is set to send items only, receive energy only; the storage side is set to receive items only, send energy only. If anyone has some helpful information to get it working, please let me know.