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  1. Never mind I figured it out. As always a combination of mistakes: my redstone cell was badly configured (0 RF/t input) and the chunk with the remote tesseract was not loaded (which I solved with a chunk loader)
  2. Can you tell me your exact setup? Could you upload a screenshot? Tx!
  3. OK, I've been messing with this for hours but can't get my Tesseracts to send power. I have made sure they are tuned to the same frequency, both enabled and configured for sending/receiving power. I tried redstone energy conduits, placing them next to redstone cells which were configured correctly to input/output and nothing works... I did manage to send items over these Tesseracts, so apparently I crafted and placed them right, but no power. There is almost no documentation about this new type of Tesseract, perhaps this is a bug?
  4. Indeed, my toxic waste wasn't draining. I installed a servo on the liquiduct and it's working fine now. However, It's filling up my tanks quite fast. I have the impression that the fission reactor does not work as expected. Temperature only goes up to 400K, the thermometer does not respond (even when putting the threshhold to 200K) and the fissile fuel rods seem to magically refill themselves when I take them out of the reactor and put them back in. Conclusion: Atomic Science is very buggy...
  5. Hi guys, I recently started trying out the modular powersuit mod in the new Tekkit. I can craft and install the powersuit, but I don't see any indication in my HUD that I'm wearing the suit. Also, the power tool does not work. Using shift+scroll does not bring up the nifty user interface to switch tools (even though I upgraded the tool on a tinker table). Anyone else has this issue? P
  6. So I've set up my first nuclear fission reactor using Atomic Science and followed the recommended setup with a temperature sensor and control rod. I've tested my redstone wiring and threw a fission fuel rod in the reactor. It worked fine and temperature stayed below 600K. 2 days later, I suddenly drown in some sort of radioactive waste filling up my entire base. After respawning (and going to creative mode), I see several huge radioactive waste eruptions going straight trough my base. The weird thing is: my reactor is still working fine and no radioactive waste is even close to my reactor.
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