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  1. Okei okei so that worked! Hwoever, now when I join the server it crashed!
  2. I havent done anything but download the modpack and then replaced the projectred files with the updated ones I had to, or else the game would not even load.
  3. Hello all! I have come to play this beautiful mod pack, yet I cannot! Sadface! I have tried lots of things. Lemme explain the problemz. Okay, so, first thing: When I got the launcher I download the Attack of the BTeam mod pack and went to play it and it kept crashing without even laoding the game! So, basically, I couldnt even get to the Mojang loading screen dealio thingy. However, on these beautiful forums I was able to find assistance! It said to delete ProjectRed stuff and install new ProjectRed stuff, so I did. It worked fine, the game loaded and everything.HOWEVER, I went to play on Vegetabelbasedinks.co and an error message popped up saying that I do not have the proper counterparts or something. The parts were pr_100v and pr_f100v I believe, so is there a cure? Can I play this beautiful mod pack as I always dreamed? PLEASE HELP ME! Tell me if you need anymore deets! Thanks!
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