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  1. Yea after getting Scale, soul tethered and a good Rapier soul tethered PVP is all I want.
  2. Yea I learned a bunch of things about hexxit by watching CaptainSparklez's series on hexxit.
  3. Yea I have dabbled on the tekkit lite server, I have decent knowledge about how the machines work but, It's not for me. Hexxit is filled with action and the thrill of fighting and looting. That is what got me hooked onto the modpack.
  4. Yes they do, which is what ,makes this server so much fun. Battle towers, Dungeons, Bosses etc. spawn in the regular world, adventure world, as well as the twilight forest. Personally I like adventuring in the twilight forest as it has so many different structures that have AMAZING loot.
  5. They both reset every two weeks, allowing new loot to be discovered and to allow endless exciting exploring.
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