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  1. Nope, I have done nothing to the sever. It used to work, and now it just stopped.
  2. The deployer from RedPower2 isn't working to well for me. When I place it down and shove some blocks in it and give it a redstone current, it places it down. When I place a bucket in it, with water infront of it, it does nothing. It wasn't always like this, before I updated the Tekkit launcher thing when it told me to for computer craft fixes I believe, it stopped working. Before that it would just collect buckets of water, now it doesnt. Please reply if you know what is wrong.
  3. I am slaving over my computer trying to get PEX(Permissions Ex) to work, but it won't for some reason. I read the cmd prompt and it shows no errors. But, when I go in and try to use a command like /sethome or anything else it just says "Unknown Command". I checked out the PEX posts, but they didn't work either. Can someone please help me, I'm very confused. :'(
  4. I sent a ticket marking it as medium, and it's been half an hour, no reply. Also, it says next billing day is on the 24th of next month, did i just get scammed out of a week's worth of server?
  5. Okay, I also have just ordered from MinecraftDirect! Now when I clicked on the product details, on the bottom where it says status, it says pending. So do I wait for it? LOL im just confused sorry if I seem incompetent ???
  6. Really? They let me actually upload a .jar in? I thought multicraft didn't give me access to that, that if I did upload the .jar into it, it would just sit in the server files and do nothing...
  7. How would I go about uploading it onto daddycheese's multicraft thing?
  8. Is there any known server hosting sites that will let me put tekkit in them? Such as uploading the modded bukkit.jar into it ???
  9. Help me, when ever I try to run the Tekkit installer it doesn't work and a pop up shows up and says "Java Directory couldn't be found" what does this mean?
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