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  1. Wasnt able to get ahold of the author, dont wanna add Extra characters cause it might be considered copying and get me in trouble. Ill think of something else.
  2. I understand that about the names, but I do find it kind of annoying if the name is taken for a pack that is not even used. Not even a download link or logo or any mods. But if I must rename everything I will.
  3. So I was going to make a modpack and start a community via Technicpack and I was going to name my pack after the minecraft streamer server, Blockville. I've a modlist planned and everything, and when I went to create it, I was told the name was taken. The thing about it is, its a dead modpack. I call them dead because they kind of are, packs with no mods, no icon, out of date MC version, not even a link, or description. Just a slot holder. I am new to these forums and in fact have only come here for reporting bugs/issues. I searched and found nowhere else to suitably put this, so it went here. I ask that this pack be deleted, because the thing about this one is that most dead packs aren't actually getting in the way of people. They might be there but they arent using up a name or copying a logo etc. Well this one is. Again, I kindly ask this be deleted and from what I got of the rules (which I read twice over) this is not violating any of them. If the pack doesnt get deleted, I would ask that someone atleast tell me somethings I can do myself to help it get removed or prevent this issue in the future. Thanks
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