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  1. Hey guys, I've had a B-team server for a while to just play with my friends but it looks like they have gotten bored of AotBT some how and never play,so whenever I'm on the server it just feels like single player,and that's no good (Sonic says ftw) anyways I'm looking for nice people to join the server. Rules and shiz listed bellow: Features: -Pranks allowed -No ban mods -No cheating at all -Up 24/7 (If the server crashes it will be up as soon as possible) -PVP is allowed but is frowned upon to randomly attack people (You may keep the stuff if you kill someone) ------------------------------------------------ Rules: (If these are violated will resolve in punishment) -No raging (3 warnings then ban) -No griefing/stealing (3 warnings then ban) -No hacking (Instant ban) -Overall be nice -Build reasonably close to spawn,we're trying to build a community,not a single player world where you can chat with other people -No laggy creations (Will be destroyed) -Must have Skype (Easiest way to contact) -No doing one time events without others (Killing Ender Dragon boss alone) ----------------------------------------------- APPLICATION: IGN: Skype name: Age: Why you want to join the server: What mods you think you'll focus on: ------------------------------------------------ Hope I can get some good players to join me on my quest of world domination
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