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  1. Ign: Lubdub Age: 15 Internet Speed: 6.2 Download/ 1.9 Upload Do you have teamspeak? (Most have): Yes Why are you interested in this server?: Because I'm on it. Do you work well in teams?: Yes
  2. The problem isn't with backups, it's with running the server in general, Apallo is working on the problem and the recent update was also a problem with the long download and the reporting of the server. It will be back up soon.
  3. Having technical issues with server, please wait until they can be resolved.
  4. Welcome Gabriella_Gerges, Dantifer, and ThirdD3gree00 to DG. If you don't already have TS3 I encourage you to get it. Hope to see you all soon.
  5. Welcome mouse_10coolguy to DG. I encourage you to get TS3. Hope to see you soon.
  6. Message to all people on the server, due to some recent greifing issues I am advising that you move your homes to a more secure, safe, and hidden location to prevent any damage to your property. Thank you for your cooperation.
  7. Welcome KevinW1998, funkeytown2055, and xX_HeadHunter_Xx to Derailed Gaming. Get TS3, it helps out a lot. hope to see you all soon.
  8. Yes, the server was down, we've been having some technical issues lately, server is up again come hop on.
  9. Welcome smalltowngamer to Derailed Gaming. Please get TS3. Hope to see you on soon!
  10. Welcome gaylordstiffwell and Thespitefull to Derailed Gaming. I encourage you to get TS3. See you all soon.
  11. Welcome TotalMiner112, conthecreatorII, Boogerbum, and Firestar_14 to Derailed Gaming. If you don't already have TS3 then get it. See you all soon.
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