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  1. lol, ohh no wonder rofl .. it is indeed an invar axe .., thanks, i feel dumb now haha
  2. I've googled the recipe for making the harvester while having thermal expansion and when i place it into the crafting table, i get nothing .. im using the recipe of... 1st Row: PlasticSheet IronAxe PlasticSheet 2nd Row: Shear MachineFrame Shear 3rd Row: GoldIngot RedstoneReceptionCoil GoldIngot
  3. The server is public and anyone is able to join
  4. I have just updated to the latest version of AOTB and each time the server gets to "Retroactively generating features" ... various entity ID's from whats existing or meant to exist it throws an error an starts the process of loading various things in the chunks all over again. 20.05 22:55:58 [server] INFO ... 21 more 20.05 22:55:58 [server] INFO at net.minecraft.entity.Entity.func_70020_e(Entity.java:1678) 20.05 22:55:58 [server] INFO at net.minecraft.entity.item.EntityItem.func_70037_a(EntityItem.java:329) 20.05 22:55:58 [server] INFO at net.minecraft.entity.item.EntityItem.func_92058
  5. Im only referring to the Chunkloader in Minefactory Reloaded and i've searched but dont see a config for this mod unless its named something weird.
  6. Well ive had no drama's with promise land since removing the pixies, but once 11a is out i'll re-enable them. As for chunk loaders, i dont want them to be used at all period reguardless of what they're used for, hence why i wish to know how to permanently disable there use.
  7. I have had various issues with chunk loaders and anytime a user has them it crashes the server, so im wondering if like with pixie's there is a config somewhere where i can disable them from being made/available ?
  8. Something im presuming a player has is causing the server to continually crash not long after they get on, going through the crash report dosent seem to indicate to me much of whats happening but this is rather fristrating, crash report can be read at below link.. http://www.mediafire.com/view/rwk5p9t1cmt9oh4/bteam_crash.txt
  9. Well i guess i should be a lil more specific .. The "standard" java version default to install on winblows x64 dosent even let more use more then 1GB on normal MC client .. however i installed(un packed a compressed file) a sep java pack an had to point Normal MC to use that java binary to allow the 8GB .. however the technic launcher never had an issue before hand using more then 1GB, but does now and is limited in configuration to point to the other java binary like normal MC launcher client does. I had before posted removed all java versions installed an re-installed the latest x64 java
  10. i've read the FAQ guide here an all over the place and it dosent help .. i have a 64bit system running a 64bit vers of JAVA on a machine running 32GB of RAM and have previously run technic with more then 1GB untill the update to 1.0.10b and now all of a sudden i cant go past 1GB. My normal MC i use on my Vanilla Snapshot server can use 8GB or any amount i chose to np's at all ... but the technic launcher dosent allow me more then 1GB
  11. bteam.matrix-mcservers.com We are a friendly technic pack community server that is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience on our Attack of the B-team server. Our goals for our servers are as follows: Provide the best experience for our players Stay as lag free as possible Have every player and staff member be treated with respect Make it easy for new players to get started Stay a PVP server meaning that no one is invincible Leave every player with a good experience on Matrix Servers! We hope to achieve all these goals above and we hope you enjoy your time Cant w
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