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  1. We are four people atm, it is just a normal aotbt server. I will send the information to you know
  2. I have a server with four people, included myslef, but there is still one more room, so i am asking, if anybody is interestet to join us. And yes, the server is whitelisted The rules is: Do not grief You are allowed to prank, but no grief pranks Respect others Give other there stuff back if you kill them Have fun I will pick the first who want to join, i will then send a PM with the infomation you need to know. - Wrek
  3. Is it posible to use the tesetract and project red transportation system together so you when you have request pipe on you can get your items like that
  4. Nah, i wont reject you for living in dubai, it's fun to have people from other places
  5. That great, i will set the server up now, and then i will give you the ip, i will use the world that i normaly use when i'm playing, so if you want i can give you permision to build your house in creative if you want
  6. I am looking after some people to play Attack of the B-Team with, maybe around five maybe more. It would also be fun to see, how other people play the modpack But i do also have some rules: No griefing Restart once a day PvP is on, so if you kill each other, do not take their stuff You are allow to make prank, just no griefing prank, mkay But thats all, i hope you will join, and see you there -Wrek
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