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  1. k thnx. i have a little brother his name is chris (well actually he is step) but we want to play together and we use the same acount so could i be on and him (we will use the nick command to change our name) but only if that is ok with u.
  2. umm... is this server still up or is there a problem. if there is not i would like to join. i have been playing minecraft sense last year in the beggining of spring i am 14 years old, but i dont act like it, i like to have fun yes for flying, when i was really on a dragon, thats why i hate factions i read for fun at night and i love to bike up steep hills, but even better i love soccer, jumped 20 feet off of a diving board into the pool. i almost peed my pants falling down... that is weird to imagine. my user is peter0728 no caps hope i see u there, btw my skin is generik if u know who he is, so when i get on ull reconize me
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