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  1. Oh, cheers, I hadn't noticed that, had to turn the brightness up a lot for them to be at all visible but they're there... Not the prettiest but I guess it works
  2. Fair enough, after checking I realise it has always been like this. For some reason I thought translocators could only move the block on top, so they'd ignore the other sides... Anyway, what would be great would be if engines etc. ignored carriages whose facing sides were closed, or, even better, if the sides on the engine/translocator itself could be toggled (as this would also allow for template carriages). An another note, do you ever intend to make it so that translocators display their label visually on the block itself? (would be very helpful though not sure how it would work on ones with multiple colours...)
  3. Noticed since updating (on 1.6 version, still waiting for other mods to update to 1.7), that translocators wont work if they are adjacent to more than one frame block. I may be wrong but I dont think this was previously the case. Anyway, not sure if its feature or bug but it breaks the compactness of some of my designs... Any help much appreciated
  4. I notice that the KnownIssues file mentions that portal spawners should eventually be fixed, although I think this was written by jakj from the original mod... I'm curious as to why they don't work when they did with RedPower frames? Anyway, if its a case of you knowing what the problem is but it not being a priority, I'd be willing to take a look at the code myself (I'm not great with java but I could give it a go ).
  5. When I dig any blocks from the mod with a cc turtle, they seem to disappear rather than being dropped or going in inventory. Anyone else with this bug?
  6. Thanks. Got it working with the new version but seemingly only after installing FMP. Also, is there any documentation anywhere on the computercraft API for this mod?
  7. Looks great, but I can't get it to work Might be doing something stupid, but would be very grateful if someone could take a look...
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