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  1. So i am watching youtube and i notice on several videos like from 2 years ago that the enchantment table has two slots one for lapíz lazuli and also you can actually read the enchantments. Idk why on this tekkit the enchantments are still so old like you have to be lucky to get that enchantment you want... any ideas?
  2. Hello guys i was just wondering how can i place a quarry really far from my base(where i have my dynamos and my power and stuff) without having to make alot of redstones conduits to get the power there. is there like a RF telepor thing? something that can transport the RF to other areas of the game? Thanks, i am asking because i wanna setup multiple quarry to make like a massive factory of ores and stuff.. Thanks again
  3. Sup guys i am ultra frustated because i am playing tekkit the latest the one you can go to the moon and i just cant seem to make the stirling engine work, i just dont moves and dont faces the pulvirazer what am i doing wrong?? I watched tons of videos but guys just place the engine on the ground and it auto faces. Thanks!
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