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  1. You will be messaged on skype, if you're not accepted you won't get a message.
  2. Sorry about the confusion, but when I said ideas for the server I meant like builds, or projects, my fault.
  3. Welcome! Hello, I've recently decided to start up an Attack of the B-Team server. We've had the server running for about 3 days with a few members so we aren't to advanced. I'm looking for 5-10 active members to the join the great community we already have. If you would like to apply read the rules first and then fill out the application. Rules: 1. No greifing of any kind on the server. 2. No stealing from other players. 3. No hacks are allowed on the server. 4. Do not exploit any bugs or glitches. 5. Be as active as possible we want to keep the server active! 6. Have fun . 7. Pranks are allowed be creative! Application: 1. Ign(Minecraft Username): 2. Age: 3. Skype (Required): 4. Any builds your planning on doing? 5. What are your favorite mod(s) in AotBT? 6. How long have you been playing AotBT? 7. Anything else I need to know? For more information on Attack of the B-Team go here: http://www.technicpack.net/attack-of-the-bteam
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