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  1. hi shaqesparon i would love to help you out making the server and maintaining it. please msg me if you need my help.
  2. hi i would like to join IGN:mechabloxxerror age:15 i prefer teamspeak (less lagg and you can turn on push to talk) and i want to join because i like building and playing tekkit with people that are fun fun to play i hope you do :-) msg me
  3. i would really like to join you with 2 friends if i can, we are planning to build a city(automated) msg me back if i can join i would love it!
  4. i am looking for someone who has a (private) tekkit classic server to build factories and stuff i can speak english not that good and i am from belgium
  5. i can add other people but you can't add me so i need your skype :-p age 15 location belgium
  6. name:jassie75 age:15 why you want to join : searching for a small server with no banned items to build factories and automatic stuff like that
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