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  1. The hitbox being a full block would break being able to remove conduits from inside it correct? Still probably the easiest solution as far as coding goes so you should probably go with that. Recipes: I'll try to think some reasonable recipes up that are vanilla based, will post back at a later date. Heavy blocks: Yeah, that's probably the best solution to the problem.
  2. 1. The item for the hollow carriage has a missing texture in game, not the block. The block is not the same texture as the other frames though. New problem pertaining to hollow frames: The blocks collision is really weird, I can walk through the west and north sides of the block, however the south and east are solid. Place one down and check it out, corner pillars are solid. Not sure if that's explained too well, just test it out for yourself as it seems easy to replicate. 2. Bummer. Guess it's really not a huge problem, just have to get used to placing beforehand which is no big problem. 3. 4. Recipes: Ehh all good, just seemed a little overpowered with those recipes. Simple vanilla items could work if that was the main problem, pistons come to mind as a potential material. Could also just be a config option under hardmode. Obsidian stuff: You need to remember that I only posted that to show that the calculations for energy were working. Too much obsidian + ridiculous power consumption factor = no movement due to insufficient power. When I changed the power capacity of carriages to a higher amount the carriage could move. Not sure if I mentioned that, was probably somewhat important. Mining time: Some mods add blocks that have long mining times but lower explosion resistance and vice versa, with thaumcraft warded blocks being completely unbreakable. Maybe calculating mining time and explosion resistance together and then halving? (haven't really considered explosion resistant blocks, they would probably break the calculation completely I assume)? If the blocks are unbreakable ie warded blocks or strongboxes (which I haven't tested moving yet, just assuming that because the strongboxes are unbreakable by other players they wouldn't be movable) set a standard amount of energy loss that is higher than obsidian? Cheers for the quick response, really appreciate it.
  3. Finally got to a point in which I could actually test out the mod and I found a few bugs/unintended behaviours.. 1. Hollow carriages appear to have a missing texture? Could be that i'm not using the default texture? I am using the 16x metal-style textures (with support for colourblindness) by uberifix in configs. The block itself looks slightly odd and I guess that could be because it hasn't got the support for the other textures yet. 2. Hollow carriages can't have items placed inside them or covers. You have to place the covers/tubes or whatever first it seems. Is that a possible change? 3. Energy doesn't seem to be used when moving. Tested both template and regular in continuous. Energy cell drains the initial amount to fill the carriages storage and then never gets used up beyond that amount. Config options that I have: B:"Hardmode is activated"=true I:"Power capacity of carriages"=50000 D:"Power consumption factor"=100.0 Also these (Probably shouldn't matter): I:"Maximum blocks carried by a support carriage"=5000 I:"Maximum blocks carried by platform carriage"=5000 I:"Maximum size of any carriage (0 = no limit)"=0 4. With hardcore mode enabled + continuous mode, carriages like to complain an awful lot about needing power if redstone is supplied when energy isn't. Fills up chat quite fast. Maybe put a cooldown period for checking. That's all for now, loving the port planetguy, keep it up! EDIT: Maybe also revise the recipes when hardmode is enabled? I've done so myself as it kinda didn't fit in with my modpack's difficulty. (I removed all the frame pre-requisites except the carriage panel in my example as it was easiest. Everything is significantly harder, requiring GregTech for a lot, however simple vanilla items/thermal expansion items would be sufficient? Anyway let me know what you think of the recipes and sorry for the shitty formatting) EDIT 2: Also with the aforementioned config settings I cannot move my frame machine with 10 or more obsidian blocks.. it's not using power, it just doesn't budge. I have 6 frame carriages in a 3x2 with the carriage engine, a resonant energy cell, lever and the 10 obsidian. Removing one allows me to add softer blocks ie glass covering the rest of the frame machine. I assume the hardness of the blocks x the power consumption is causing it to think it can't move because it doesn't have enough max energy. This makes me believe part of the code is working as intended (the weight calculation) however the actual power consumption is being left out. EDIT 3: Also I recall you saying the hardness is the mining time; this is incorrect. It is the actual hardness/explosion resistance that calculates hardness, unfortunately this means that you can't move octuple compressed cobblestone (unbreakable by explosions, faster than obsidian to mine). This would also mean warded blocks are a no go for frames. Maybe add a new config option that changes the base power consumption, rather than it being based on hardness. So it would calculate with the base but can ignore hardness? 100 in config would equal either 100 rf per movement or 100 rf per block per movement. Anyway, probably the last edit as this post is getting quite long
  4. Interesting. Would be cool to see if warded blocks can be moved, however if its calculated by mining time I would assume that it would eat all the power as it is unbreakable. Thanks again, hopefully RemainIM will make it into some of the bigger modpacks so it can gain exposure. Was a shame that RiM didn't get into the FTB packs because jakj and some of the FTB devs disliked each other as it's such a great mod, may have a better chance of getting into the packs with the RF support and you taking over temporarily. Will probably post this in the FTB subreddit to gain some attention if that's alright by you.
  5. How do you determine the hardness of blocks/where would I be able to find information on the hardness? How I imagine that is that snow/glass/ice sort of blocks would be least RF and obsidian for example would be greatest, however do you account for modded blocks? Octuple compressed cobblestone for ExU comes to mind as well as warded blocks using Thaumcraft warding focus? Thanks for the speedy reply btw.
  6. I can't seem to find any useful information regarding the hardmode settings. I am guessing that the power capacity is how much RF the carriages hold, however it may be something completely different. Also I am unsure as to what the power consumption factor does, a few guesses would be that it may change how much RF is used per movement as a percentage 1.0 being 100% of a predetermined amount in the code, however it could also be per block carried by the carriage as a percentage, it may also be a combination of the two. It could also be something simple as how much RF per movement 1.0 being 1 RF per entire carriage. Any information would be greatly appreciated and thank you for continuing this awesome mod.
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