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  1. IGN: Niksu13 Age: 19 Time Zone: CET Name: Niko Why do you want to play? Why do you like Minecraft? Well, i want to play because i'm looking for a small server to have fun and to make new friends. I don't really like big servers with hundreds of slots because they don't pay attention to the players needs as well. And i like Minecraft because in the game world, i can explore, build awesome houses and structures and machines, which i would never be able to do in real life.
  2. Server down atm? Guessing the host is moving right now. So exited to play when the server starts again. Can't wait to get on some more witchery stuff
  3. When i go to a server, it let's me play for about 10-30 minutes but then freezes and crashes and usually crashes the computer too. What do i do? Help would be appreciated.
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