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  1. this server still active? Just I noticed a number of people submitted requests and there was no sign of a mod/admin showing up approving, like before. Just wondering....
  2. Actually, I think Cheesy has a point. If you're making a hard modpack, then Dartcraft doesn't exactly fit. You may not be able to use the diamonds you mined to make tools, but if you got Dartcraft tools, it doesn't matter. With it, you can practically dominate everything without diamonds. It defeats the very reason of having Iguana's build up for Tinkers construct, cuz no one will bother to use it.
  3. I like their launcher, it's works fine for me. But lately, for some reason it can't remember my user name and password. I don't know why, but every time I load it up, it asks for it again. I hit the key to remember it, and it doesn't remember it, which pisses me off.