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  1. Thank you very much tha treally helped me and I could understand better how solder works Im really grateful and I hope this helps other people with this problem too Greets xF4m3
  2. I have a littlebit of truble understanding what you have written , first off what exaclty do you mean by slug? do you mean the name? second , do i have to upload them in a zip called "mod perk.zip" ? and do I need to upload it everytime I change one mod or config, or is there a way where i only need to upload a single mod/config for example to upload it on dropbox and use the "download as zip feature"? (or else it would be ~200mb each update) And my last question would be the last part, how do I "rehash" the mod version, is there a button on my solder webpage? And Thank you for your ans
  3. Hello we got a question on the solder api, we were able to setup the solder connection between our server and my technicoack account. I already got a modpack setup and we want to migrate it into the solderapi (or how i should say this, coming from germany so my english is not the best) Basicaly I would like to know how i am supposed to set up a modpack using the solder api and which link i would need to put on the tehcnicpack to be able to download it with the launcher. We are using Github as our remote repository, i hope that isnt a problem. We would like to use the solderApi even though
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