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  1. Recently in the Tinkers' Construct portion of Attack of the B-Team Copper has disappeared from my worlds completely I dug a 40 By 40 hole in 2 irl [ in real life ] days and my profit from the ores was 0% Tinkers' Construct Copper. This has really made a dent in my Progress into the Mod. I am hoping this is looked into and if it is just me please notify of my problem so that I can know if I have to create a new world to get Copper. I have recently Discovered the Problem may be the other Copper from another Mod I have found tons of this Copper like its spawn rate had doubled this may be the Problem.
  2. If you want to get the Items and stay In one place, use the Project Red Transportation chunk of Project Red using the Pipes. Although its expensive using these pipes can be an easy way to get your items from a distance. But there Is a penalty long long long distances aren't good for this. I would prefer to make a load of chests under your base and hook them up with pipes and a request pipe to make sure, along with that purple kind of pipe with chips in them at the chests.
  3. The Minecraft new way of controlling an easy server aka 'Minecraft Realms' should be at access to Modpacks. Some Players could want to create an Attack of the B-Team server for their friends but don't know how, if Updated to 1.7.9 and higher later on it could allow access to Minecraft Realms. And if there was access to Minecraft Realms players would could get more people to play with this extraordinary modpack and have fun with friends.
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