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  1. Sorry, I've been really busy lately and haven't been checking this. The server never went down from what I can tell, try connecting again.
  2. Those aren't a problem. The first one is the Highlands mod doing it to itself(probably the way it works in the mod) and the second one could of been a problem possibly, but Galacticraft takes RF and other power sources as well. Added to whitelist
  3. Added to whitelist It's running on a HP SE1101, The stats are similar to the one linked except I have 2xQC instead of 1 and I have 16GB of ram in mine running ubuntu server. It is however running on a small business connection in Michigan so right now that is the bottleneck(not too bad most times though.)
  4. Hello All! I am starting a new dedicated server that is a tech server with a custom assortment of mods. This is a small group and people are more then welcome to join us and have some fun. I work odd hours so most likely you won't see much of me, but a few of my friends are mods and they can help you out. I will also be posting a google form for any serious issues.Any server that I host, I make sure to release the server files on either a wipe or shutdown so don't worry there. The server is running on a 2xquad core xeon system with 16gb of ram, more then enough power. Only a Few Rules Be mat
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