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  1. Hello there! Welcome to the forum thread of QuickTech Voltz! Lets start out with the features of our server. 1. Set up to 3 homes! (More bases, more fun!) 2. Able to warp to a shop where you can buy all the bare necessities 3. Pvp (Be able to battle friends or other people on the inter-webs xD) 4. Special events every Friday! 5. Communicate with staff members! 6. Use the /kit function 7 And many more! Our server rules include: 1. No Hacked Clients or Cheats 2. Don't be racist in chat 3. No spamming tpas or spam in general 4. Don't beg for Gamemode/Ranks/Items IP: Again we are a new server so suggestions are welcome! We hope to see you soon! Quickster306
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