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  1. Greetings, people of Technic forums, I made a lets play video on the mod pack called Crazy Craft 2.0 I would apreactite some feedback and for some people to check it out! Link is: for those of you who can check out the video. I also did some new things such as a new mic,outro and an intro and tried to do music with my videos bear with me though but it is a long video (33:00) minutes, I started youtube about 9 months ago thanks for checking out and leave some feed back and suggestions would be nice also!
  2. Hello everyone, I would like to add GLSL Shaders to The Crafting Dead cure! Problem I have is I can not find a link for 1.5.2 for the mod and if I do it says It needs Mod loader and then my game will crash I am able to add mods to crafting dead I just need a download or help to install GLSL shaders to the modpack. Thanks for taking your time to read this!
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