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  1. In Game Nick: shaisegal12 Skype: leor.rabu1 Age:13 Country: South Africa Modpack Experience: I have been playing since a week after release Basic title="Click to Continue > by CouponDropDown">Online Times: Almost everyday if time Favorite Mod:Witchery or tinkers construct Why do you want to play on the Server:I want to record a series for you tube since I just mad a new channel and I cant find any good public servers What do you like to do on the Server:I want to record a series and have fun building and going to the moon etc... What should we know about you:I like to pull pranks (not griefing) (witchery stuff and stuff) and play with friends and talk on skype while playing.
  2. IGN:BROS3F131 Skype:Leor.Rabu1 Please consider me I am 13, live in South Africa and just started a You Tube channel Keynote Gaming I play Almost Everyday if I have time.
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